Michelle01/30/08 09:31 pm10: Chapter 10Signed

That was a difficult topic to choose for a story, but of course I can trust you to make something memorable of it. It was introspective overall, but did not miss providing a few well-placed jokes or dry comment - which is realistic after all. However dire the situation, there is still laughter in one way or another. You need that to relieve tension and cope.

I did enjoy Aragorn's very manly fault of not liking to speak of his thoughts and feelings. Ah, we poor women, haven't we all suffered through this? And it seems Legolas is as frustrated with that particular character trait as 99% of the female populace. I do think it makes sense for Aragorn. He is someone who prefers to act (erm, spar) instead of talk. Of course it's a pity Legolas doesn't feel the same.

Thank you for yet another marvelous story. You can tackle whatever topic you choose - you'll always write a winner! 

Michelle01/30/08 08:54 pm9: NienorSigned
You're creating a very somber mood here, especially with taking the time to go beyond the death of an elf and describing what comes after. This stillness that comes partly from disbelief and partly from grief rang very true.

Michelle01/28/08 09:19 pm8: The ChoiceSigned

I think Kenuric has never talk so *much*, revealed so much about himself. It only shows that, in the end, he takes his responsibility as a healer more serious than his personal feelings.

I am of a torn heart, which is probably the way this chapter should be read anyway. There is no right or wrong here. I have thought long and hard on things like euthanasia and have decided for myself that death is a part of life insofar as the indiviual should have the right to choose the time and manner of one's death - like Nienor is doing here or like a terminally ill person is doing by rejecting life support.

Michelle01/28/08 08:40 pm7: Aragorn and LegolasSigned

A very powerful chapter and of course very psychological at heart. It's interesting that you turned the whole mortality question around here - something that seemed to surprise Legolas as well. It makes sense of course, if you think about it, that Aragorn (who has a problem with guilt to begin with) would feel responsible for causing Legolas grief. I can very well imagine him mulling that problem over time and again, but of course that's no foundation for a friendship... and I'm glad Legolas set his head straight.

I must say, I never realized the connection between the Halls and Purgatory. It's so *obvious* and yet I've never notived it before. I can be so dense sometimes:( 

Michelle01/27/08 09:21 pm6: The Battle BeginsSigned
Very very introspective. Gives one a lot to mull over. And that Kenuric would go so far as to talk about himself so candidly... never thought that would happen in this life. But if it take him 20 years to get over Arathorn's death, what is Nienor facing then? They cannot keep going like that for such a long time, there needs to be some sort of resolution a lot sooner than that.

Michelle01/27/08 08:58 pm5: A Warrior DepartsSigned
So very sad. I can very well understand Lenwe's action - and even more the decision of your parents' friend. Faced with the certainty of your own death and the possibility of being at the mercy of strangers - doctors and nurses alike - makes it understandable to wish for an end that is at least your own, something you decided on yourself and that wasn't decided by others.

Michelle01/27/08 08:30 pm4: Visions and PlansSigned

Uhohhh. I fear Lenwe is going to do something Nienor will not forgive him easily. It is a perfectly normal feeling to want to spare a loved one pain. But such an action is thankless. One needs to feel pain in such a situation.

So you're going to parallel Aragorn and Legolas to Lenwe and Nienor? That does feel natural. Nienor is watching Lenwe die a slow death. He has had time enough to come to term with Lenwe's fate, but it doesn't look as if that would make things any easier. And I don't guess waiting a hundred years longer will make Aragorn's death easier for Legolas... Knowing that something is going to happen doesn't mean accepting the outcome as well. 

Michelle01/26/08 10:21 pm3: Promises and DisappointmentsSigned

Seems it doesn't sit well with Aragorn that he had to turn Lenwe down. Which is only natural, because if he doesn't accompany them, then he will feel that Nienor's (very possible) death will be his fault. And that's nothing out favourite ranger would take lightly!

I am curious about Legolas' little outburst, though... 

Michelle01/26/08 10:06 pm2: Two PatientsSigned

So, Aragorn in healer mode for practically a whole chapter. You spoil me, so thank you very much:)

And I still can not get enough of all the Aragorn/Kenuric interaction. That little bit where Aragorn chastises Kenuric not to pretend to be cruel - so telling. You can see Aragorn overstepping a boundary there and Kenuric retreating back into his cold demeanor. It's likely that will never change between them...

But the 1 million dollar question seems to be: Why is Nienor unable to speak? Mhm...

Michelle01/26/08 09:44 pm1: Two ArrivalsSigned

So it's thanks to Chris that Kenuric turned out to be the way he is now - only shows the worth of a beta:) I do enjoy meeting him again. The rapport between him and Aragorn has certainly taken a turn for the better, but it seems he hasn't lost his sharp tongue. I did like the little scene where Aragorn bites his lip and Kenuric notices it as a habit of Arathorn's. It's bittersweet for the reader and probably bitter for Kenuric.

I'm curious about Nienor. Your note in the end plus the fact that you included a whole paragraph on his beauty suggest that this will play a role later on. But since you've already written a crossdressing elf I guess you'll not do that again? 

And last but not least. Did you have to include charcoal? I wanted to write a charburner into my next fic and now you went and wrote that *g*. Weird... we will end up being the only two people writing that into their LOTR-fanfic! 

fiery star11/07/07 10:23 pm1: Two ArrivalsAnonymous

That was the most beautifully heartbreaking story i have ever read. I mean it with all my heart. you have me in tears it was so touching.

 What legolas said at the very end, about how his father explained to him as a child how love is worth all the pain that those that are loved could ever present... i will tell that to my future children. i swear to god.

my father died a few years ago, and you have no idea how much your story has comforted me and effected me,  all in a good way though! i am absolutely speechless. all i can say is thank you so much, and please, consider changing some names and places and getting these stories published. not many people know of this site, and truly, by publishing these you would be granting the world a great gift.

yours faithfully,

shona, or fiery star.

Author's Response:

Thank you, Shona, for your so kind review of "Fidelis." Your words mean so much to me. This was my first 'pure emotion' story and I was not sure how it turned out. I am relieved to see that you enjoyed it.

I am so sorry you lost your father; that must be so very hard for you. I am not only pleased, but *honored* that you felt my story comforted you in some small way.  

May you be well and blessed, and may your memories comfort you in your pain,


Elemmire11/03/07 03:35 pm10: Chapter 10Signed

I stand in amaze. I... I wanted to cry, to laugh... you deal such powerful blows! Straight to the heart and through the other side this one has gone. My chest still aches! This was something worth the wait, to be sure!

"Just say you will try. That you understand that what hurts one of us, hurts both. That shared pain is easier to bear."

My goodness, everything after that was enough to make me bawl, and clap, and pray it never would end! Elegantly did it end, as elegantly as it began, and yet this was hardly bitter to the taste as I thought. It was sweet, sweet even in the sadness. Ai! that it would never end through all the days, and yet never should I pine for its telling! You weave masterfully, and I am delighted for every word! Kenuric, ai, I love the old fellow! And you are simply astonishing with how well you make Legolas and Aragorn, as friends, as brothers! I can barely speak right now as my throat constricts on me... but one thing I would shout: Encore!

Elemmírë S-S

Author's Response:

Elemmire, you are God's gift to writers!  Thank you so much for your - once again - delightful words in praise of this story. I was very concerned about writing the last chapter, hoping it would be satisfying enough after the emotional trial I put my readers through. I'm so pleased you think it ended well!

 Be well and blessed,


Amarok11/02/07 09:13 am1: Two ArrivalsSigned

Wow... you touched on a lot of very difficult topics, on several layers..., and you did it very well.

A personal note: having had a series of bad months (no deaths involved though, luckily) I also had entered a state where I no longer could cry. While reading your story last night I've shed the first tears in quite some time... and I am grateful for that.

Author's Response:

Hi Amorak -

I am so very sorry I missed your review. I am out of town quite often, and I suspect my remote email program is a little careless about sending all my messages!

Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words, and willingness to share how the story touched you on a personal level. It is one thing for a person to say, "I really enjoyed that - it was a great read", and quite another to hear that a story effected their life in some way. I feel very humbled by your words. I pray that your difficulties have eased and that you may have peace and joy in your life again.

With *very* best wishes for you,


Elfinabottle11/01/07 06:10 am10: Chapter 10Signed

This was simply beautiful.  You show such insight into the character of Aragorn and Legolas.   Their friendship really comes alive in your hands.

It's so good to be able to read your stories again!

Author's Response:

Thank you,  Elfinabottle, for your kind words. I'm happy you like my treatment of the friendship of Aragorn and Legolas; the final chapter is all 'theirs' and I was a little concerned about writing a satisfying ending to this story. I am glad to be back and able to respond to the reviews that I appreciate so much!


lindahoyland10/31/07 11:54 pm10: Chapter 10Signed

This was very moving and beautifully written.I'm not even a fan of Aragorn and Legolas stories but I've loved this and you've made me feel for both of them and your OCS.

I love Kenuric and hope he will return one day.

Thank you for a great read,it would be well worth paying for!

Author's Response:

Thank you, Linda, for your kind review - especially since you don't like Aragorn and Legolas stories! I'm so glad you like Kenuric, since I am now very fond of him, and hope to have him appear in another story or two.  Thank you for the wonderful compliment!


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