Pip04/25/09 04:15 pm37: Come back to me in dreamsAnonymous
Where is the chapter? I'd love to read it but it seems to have been eaten.

Author's Response: Thank you for alerting me to this. I hope I've fixed it now.

Michelle11/20/07 08:58 pm65: Broken is our BondSigned

Ah, the Shakespeare-quote "All's well that ends well" doesn't really apply here, does it? I must say, though, that I like where you left Aragorn and Faramir. I know, fanfiction is escapism to a certain extent and you want to things to end better than they would in reality (or even in the reality of the universe you're writing in). But I like it far more if things leave traces, scars and problems that need dealing with. And even if Aragorn decides to jump in that mud bath ten times more, and even if the brand would eventually vanish, the real scar would stay. I like that, because it's realistic and believable.

Now, of course I'm terribly curious where you're going with them now. Faramir will not make the first step to make things right between them, because he thinks his "exile" is well-deserved - even if it pains him. That leaves Aragorn with the task to extend a hand to his Steward, but I fear he has a lot of healing to do before he's able to do that. He's desperate to find that Faramir is still that friend he trusted. But at the same time he's so afraid he judged him wrongly that he cannot touch nor talk to him. It'll take a lot of time for that to change:(

I'm continously amazed at that rich universe you created and I always enjoy spending time in it! 

Author's Response:

Thank you for these much appreciated reviews, I've loved hearing your thoughts about my story. It was originally going to have a happy ending,but my friend Raksha suggested I go for something darker and I'm glad I did as I feel it adds more realism and am glad you agree.Aragorn and Faramir try to rebuild their friendship in my sequel "ATime to Reap" at the behest of their worried wives.

I'm glad you liked Eomer's role.I felt Aragorn needed someone he could simply talk to.

I find the privacy thing very interesting as I believe everyone,ate,slept and worked together in olden times.A Group of tribesmen from a remote Island recently visited the UK And were not happy at all when their hostess wanted to give them their own rooms,so i read.

You are quite right that Aragorn could jump in mud baths galore to no avail!

Michelle11/19/07 09:22 pm60: What turmoil have I made?Signed
I like how you depict Eomer here. A good decision to bring him in at this point. He can lend an ear without being too much involved in all that has happened. And he's reacting instinctly, without thinking about what might be proper. I guess that's exactly what Aragorn needs right now.

Michelle11/19/07 09:05 pm58: I approach these questions unwillinglySigned
Mhm, so you are taking the king's healing hand literal. The moment Aragorn starts to settle in his role as king again, it reflects in his healing ability. If only everything were as easy. It seems, unconsciously he has only waited for the moment to claim his throne again regain all that he's lost (including his self-worth). It doesn't work like that with his relationship with Faramir. They are still tip-toeing around each other. And I fear this won't change easily or quickly.

Michelle11/19/07 08:34 pm56: Frustrate their knavish tricksSigned
Ah, this is like a classic drama! All the turmoil and the action and a ghost returning to the living. Excellent *rubs hands*!

Michelle11/18/07 09:40 pm54: That I may greet you as KingSigned
I like the ritual, especially the three women of different age. It has a very archaic feel about it, which makes it a perfect fit for ME.

Michelle11/18/07 09:31 pm53: Loved I not honour moreSigned
Ah, putting in details like that is always fun! I'm currently reading a book on manners and got stuck in the chapter on privacy. It's interesting to see that privacy was only "invented" with the industrialisation of a society. That's totaly bunny-material. Don't know yet what to do with it, but it will surely end up in some fic:)

Michelle11/18/07 09:19 pm52: The die is castSigned
Oh... sounds like the plan of a man who thinks he has nothing else to lose:(

Michelle11/18/07 08:53 pm50: A little child shall lead themSigned
Elbeth is a real treasure and just what Aragorn needs right now. He feels less "on the display" with her and that makes him a lot less ill-tempered. And it's very good that Elbeth is so persistent and doesn't give up!

Michelle11/13/07 09:39 pm49: The love that reassemblesSigned
Wonderful h/c scene! And Eowyn's strength is admirable. And as a character she has come such a long way. It's fascinating to compare her reactions to Aragorn from a year ago to now. 

Author's Response: I'm pleased you enjoyed this chapter. I love writing h/c! I enjoyed too seeing how Eowyn has changed where Aragorn is concerned.

Michelle11/13/07 09:31 pm48: By no means a privilegeSigned
Ah, have you read Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander"? The first one? There is a wonderfully angsty scene where she (forgot her name right now *erm) sets the bones in her lover's (okay, husband by then) hand. There is even a brand on his shoulder. I've always loved that chapter:)

Author's Response: No, I haven't but it sounds like the kind of story I would enjoy.

Michelle11/13/07 09:16 pm44: Cleanliness is next to godlinessSigned

Couldn't review during my last reading session because I had my arms full of cat. And that makes typing *very* difficult. But for the moment I'm back and I'm having both my hands free (the cats are sleeping on various couches instead on me).

Let's see how long Faramir will need to work up his courage to tell Arwen what truly happened. And I'm curious about her reaction as well. She's very gracious, but at the same time very passionate. So I'm at a loss how she would react. As the lady or as the lover? 

Author's Response: Many thanks for these much appreciated reviews.I know the feeling of being buried under a cat(or two),but what would we do without them? I hope you founn Arwen's reactions believable.I always think the lady has far more to her than meets the eye!

Michelle11/01/07 08:08 pm37: Come back to me in dreamsSigned
Uhh, the chapter is missing...

Author's Response: Thanks for telling me,I appreciate it. I have fixed it now.

Michelle10/31/07 09:04 pm34: What is truth?Signed
Mhm, that is only a very frail balance between them so far. I fear Faramir will have to work hard to rebuild the trust between them. But maybe Elbeth can help:)

Author's Response: Poor Faramir has a very uphill task,but given what has happened it is not surprising.

Michelle10/31/07 08:55 pm33: Two are better than oneSigned
Eowyn is wonderful as the voice of reason! She's at a total loss faced with all those queer mental bonds and elvish witchcraft. I very much like her practival approach to life. And the fact that she realized that tea will help you in any situation!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like Eowyn here.I tend to think a nice cup of tea cures all ills too!I'm typical English! It is a good job someone is practical and not at the mercy of Elven fading and having their souls torn apart!

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